Sample JDBC Client

Hazelcast provides a sample JDBC client, which you can use to create a custom client.

Get the Sample Client

Download the sample client from GitHub.

You also need the hazelcast-jdbc-enterprise-{version}.jar file. You can download this file from Releases.

A JDBC Driver allows a Java application to connect to Hazelcast using the JDBC API. The Hazelcast JDBC Driver is available from GitHub.

Configure the Client

To configure the JDBC client for Viridian Cloud, you must update the pom.xml file included in the sample JDBC client.

In this file, add the JAR dependency, as follows:


You must also specify the repository, as follows:

        <name>Hazelcast Repository</name>

Connect to Your Cluster

Connect your JDBC client to your Viridian Cloud cluster using the following URL:


This can be understood as follows:

  • jdbc:hazelcast A required sub-protocol. This is a constant

  • <cluster-id> The ID of your cluster as displayed at the top right of the Cluster Details in the dashboard for the cluster in your Viridian Cloud console

  • discoveryToken Set this to the discovery token created with your cluster. To find your discovery token select CONNECT CLUSTER. The discovery token can be revealed using the Advanced setup tab

  • cloudURL This must be set to the API base URL, As TLS is mandatory, you must also enable SSL by appending &sslEnabled=true to the cloud URL

For further information on the connection properties used by the Hazelcast JDBC driver, refer to the READ ME file.

You can find out more about using JDBC with Hazelcast in the Platform documentation, as follows:

These links open in a new window or tab, depending on your settings, to ensure that you do not lose your place in the Viridian Cloud documentation.