Viridian Cloud Trial

Explore the capabilities of Viridian Cloud Standard with a 14-day trial.

Start your trial by signing up for a Viridian Cloud account.

What Can I Do During My Trial?

Your trial gives you access to a fully functional Hazelcast environment. During the trial, you can use all the features of a single development cluster. You can also connect to the cluster using one of the preconfigured sample clients: Java, Python, .NET, or (CLC) CLI.

Development clusters have certain limitations as they are designed for fast, iterative prototyping. These include:

  • Maximum 0.5 GiB of storage

  • Only a single member

  • No cluster scaling

  • No data backups

  • No cluster data persistence

  • Paused after 24 hours without development activity

When a development cluster restarts for any reason, you lose all cluster data, such as maps and cluster-side modules.

Is Any Support Available During the Free Trial?

You can get support from our team at any point during your trial by sending an email to

You’ll also receive emails from Hazelcast with useful resources to help you get up and running with your first cluster.

What Happens at the End of the Trial?

At the end of the 14-day trial period, two things happen:

  • Your account is automatically suspended. This means that although you can still access the trial environment, your cluster is stopped and cannot be restarted.

  • Your trial environment, including all data, will be automatically deleted.