Invite User

You can invite users to the account by sending an invitation to the email address they will use to sign in.

If the user you want to add to the organization is already using the same email for a different organization account, you cannot invite them to your organization until they are removed from their existing account.

To transfer a user, they must be removed from their current organization. This can only be done by a Hazelcast Cloud Administrator, or the admin user of the organization to which they are currently associated.

When the user is removed from their existing organization, their Cloud account is also deleted.

Once their existing account has been removed, you can invite them to your organization account as described below.

To invite a user, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the Cloud console

  2. Select Account from the side navigation bar

  3. Select Organization from the Account options

    The Info screen displays.

  4. Select the User Management tab

    The User Management screen displays.

  5. Select the INVITE A USER button

    The Invite users dialog displays.

  6. Enter the email address that the user will use to sign in to Cloud in the Email address text box

  7. Select the Add (plus) button to add the email address to the invitation list

    The added email address is listed below the text box.

    If you made a mistake when entering the email address, you can select the Delete (cross) button beside the email address. This removes the email address, and you can repeat steps 6 and 7 to add the correct email address.

  8. If required, add further users by repeating steps 6 and 7 above until all email addresses to which you want to send an invitation are listed below the text box

  9. Select the INVITE button to send an invitation to all listed email addresses. If you select the Cancel button, the dialog box closes without sending any invitations

    If the email address already exists in Cloud, no invitation is sent.

The users must now accept the invitation before they are added to the account. For further information on accepting an invitation, see the Accept Invitation to Organization topic.

You can track the status of your invitations in the User Management screen.