Remove User

You can remove organization users from your account at any time through the User Management screen.

You cannot remove the admin user in this way. For further information on removing the admin user, see the Delete Organization topic.

To remove an organization user, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the Cloud console

  2. Select Account from the side navigation bar

  3. Select Organization from the Account options

    The Info screen displays.

  4. Select the User Management tab

    The User Management screen displays.

  5. Select Remove from the end of the row for the organization user you want to delete

    The remove user confirmation dialog displays.

  6. Select the Yes button to remove the organization user from the organization and delete their account. Selecting the No button closes the dialog box without deleting the user

Removing an organization user does not delete any clusters or resources that have been created or updated using their account. When the organization user is removed, the admin user inherits ownership of the relevant clusters and resources.