Update Payment Method

You can change your payment details at any time.

A payment method is not required for Cloud Trial Edition.

To update your payment details, complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to the Cloud console.

  2. Select Account from the side navigation bar

  3. Select Organization from the Account options

    The Info screen displays.

  4. Select the Billing & Payments tab

    The Billing & Payment screen displays.

  5. Select Update Payment Method

    The Update Payment Method screen displays.

    Currently, card payments are the only supported payment method.
  6. Complete the Update Payment Method form as required. For further information on the fields, see the Add Payment Method section of the Create an Account topic

  7. Select the UPDATE PAYMENT DETAILS button to save the changes to your payment details. Selecting the Cancel button returns you to the Billing & Payments screen without saving your changes

Hazelcast uses a third party to store payment details and process payments. Payment details are not stored in Hazelcast.