Creating a Cloud Dedicated Cluster

You can create a cluster on Cloud Dedicated by providing your resource requirements and choosing how to host your cluster. You have the option of regions, machine types, and more.

Before you Begin

You need a Cloud account.

Consider the following requirements:

  • Resources: You need to know how many resources your application needs.

  • Cost: You are charged by the number of GiB that you choose to give the cluster at creation. Even if you don’t use all available storage, you are charged the same.

If you give your cluster too few resources, your cluster may fail under heavy load and cause an outage. If you give your cluster too many resources, you waste money on servers that are just sitting idle.

Using the Cloud Console

To request a cluster on Cloud Dedicated, do the following:

  1. Sign into the Cloud console.

  2. Go to Plans > Dedicated in the left navigation.

  3. Complete the form and click Get in touch.