Hazelcast Cloud

Hazelcast Cloud simplifies deployments of Hazelcast Platform to the cloud. Hazelcast manages the underlying infrastructure allowing you to focus on building applications for stream and batch processing, low-latency querying, and caching.

Hazelcast Cloud eliminates the manual effort of managing physical servers or servers in the cloud so that you can focus on what matters: building your application.

Application Topology

Cloud applications run in a client/server topology:

  • Cloud clusters are the servers that are responsible for storing and processing your data.

  • Clients connect to your cluster to submit new processing jobs, request processing results, add data to storage, or query data.


Hazelcast Cloud offers the choice of two editions:

Edition Description

Cloud Standard

Cloud Standard clusters auto-scale, depending on the amount of data you store.

Cloud Dedicated

To maximize security whilst minimizing latency, Cloud Dedicated clusters expose only private Hazelcast endpoints. For consistent performance and throughput, Cloud Dedicated clusters do not share infrastructure with any other customers.

When you first create an account on Hazelcast Cloud, you become the administrator of an organization. For Trial Edition users, this has no further impact. For Standard and Dedicated Edition users, this means that you can invite users to your organization and share resources, such as clusters. For further information on organizations, see the Organizations and Accounts section.

Getting Started

Find out more about the Hazelcast Cloud editions:

Try Cloud for 14 days with no cost or commitment with the Cloud Trial.

Next Steps

If you are a first-time user of Hazelcast Cloud, follow the Cloud Hello World tutorial.

If you’re ready to get started with real use cases, follow our other tutorials.

If you want an overview of the use cases and advantages of Hazelcast Cloud, see the Hazelcast website.