Managing API Keys

Hazelcast Cloud allows you to manage your resources and clusters via an API, an SDK, and a CLI. To use these applications, you need an API key and an API secret, which can be created from Developers tab in your account or team settings.

Before you Begin

To manage API keys for a team’s cluster, you must have either an admin or developer role. See Managing Teams and Users.

Creating API Key and API Secret

You can easily create a new API Key from the Generate new API Key button on this page. Then you can use these credentials on our applications to make actions. Currently, you can only create one API key and secret pair on your account.

You can only see API secret once you created it. So, you should copy them once you created.
Keep your keys and secrets secure. Anyone who has these credentials can delete your clusters.

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Deleting API Key

You can delete your API key anytime by clicking the Delete API Key button.

After you delete your API key, any application that used this key will no longer work unless you configure a new set of credentials.

An API key with a button to delete it called Delete API key