Creating API Keys

To connect a client to your account, you need an API key and an API secret. These credentials authenticate clients to your account. You can manage these credentials in your account settings.

Using the Viridian Cloud Console

To create a new set of API credentials, do the following:

  1. Sign into the Viridian Cloud console.

  2. Go to Account > Developer.

  3. Click Generate New API Key.

You can use these credentials in your applications to manage all clusters in your account. Currently, you can only create one API key and secret pair on your account.

Keep your keys and secrets secure. Anyone who has these credentials can delete your clusters.

Deleting an API Key

You can delete your API key at any time by clicking the Delete API Key button.

After you delete your API key, any application that uses this key will no longer work unless you configure them with a new set of credentials.