Deleting an Account

If you no longer need to access your clusters, you can delete your account. To avoid additional charges while your clusters are not in use, consider pausing them instead.

Cluster and Data Deletion

Deleting an account removes all the following:

  • Clusters linked to the account, including any associated data, such as data structures, custom classes, backups, and configuration.

  • Account and payment details.

  • Billing information.

We recommend that you copy any data or details that you might need in the future. You cannot recover any data from a deleted account.

You may still receive marketing communications from time to time. See our privacy policy for more details.

Outstanding Payments

All outstanding payments are taken during the deletion process. For this reason, we suggest that you pause or delete all clusters before you proceed, so that you know the amount you need to pay.

Deleting your Account

Before you start, read the Outstanding Payments and Cluster and Data Deletion sections carefully.

  1. Sign into the Hazelcast Viridian Cloud console.

  2. Go to Account > Password.

  3. Scroll down to the Danger Zone and click Delete This Account.

  4. Enter your email address and confirm the deletion.