Release Notes

May 6, 2022 - v3.7.0

This release is focused on improving the stability of Hazelcast Cloud, notably occasional failures during cluster lifecycle changes (creation, starting, stopping).

March 25, 2022 - v3.6.0

New Features:

This release introduces Hazelcast 5.1 and the improvements to SQL:

  • SQL support for aggregating streams into tumbling and hopping windows, sometimes known as sliding windows. This then gives you the ability to run functions and aggregations such as sum or count that is snapped to a time window.

  • Ability to create views, create indexes and run troubleshooting explain plans.

  • union, union all, right join, exists and not exists.

  • JSON records with nested fields can be indexed and queried

February 10, 2022 - v3.5.0

New Features:

  • Support for C++ apps. Follow our tutorial to connect your C++ app to the cloud, and use the latest features of Hazelcast!

  • A new compact design for the cluster page.


  • Fixed issue with resuming multi-zone AWS clusters.

  • Fixed UI issues with map configuration.

  • Fixed issue with syncing custom classes among cluster members.

January 20, 2022 - v3.4.0

New Features:

  • Introducing SQL for Python and Node.js. Try the new SQL features from your Python and Node.js apps.

  • Lots of improvements in the UI.

  • Improved Hazelcast 5 support. Hazelcast Cloud now runs on the latest 5.0.2 version.

  • You can no longer create Hazelcast 3 clusters in the Cloud as they reached the end of support. Existing clusters are unaffected.

December 3, 2021 - v3.3.0

New Features:

  • Support for Hazelcast Platform 5.0. Try the new SQL features.

  • Contextual help to guide you through the process of configuring data structures.

  • Lots of backend improvements to our service quality, security, and performance.

October 4, 2021 - v3.1.0

New Features:

  • We’ve changed our pricing model and introduced three plans: Basic, Standard, and Enterprise. See Plans and Pricing for details.

  • You can now stop and resume clusters on the Enterprise plan. When a cluster is resumed, any persisted data is restored from disk. See Stopping and Resuming Clusters.


  • Cluster names can now include up to 200 characters without breaking the layout.


  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is no longer restricted to just Google Authenticator.

May 11, 2021 - v2.8.3


  • Hazelcast Starter Discovery returns correct values for suspended clusters

April 16, 2021 - v2.8.2


  • The latest stable Kubernetes version are used on Azure

April 9, 2021 - v2.8.1


  • During cluster deletion, Azure storage accounts are now also deleted

  • Field labels now match the placeholder text

  • WAN Replication no longer fails on Azure clusters

April 7, 2021 - v2.8.0

New Features:

  • Hazelcast IMDG 3.12.12 is available in Starter and Enterprise

  • UI persists last console location


  • Fixed an issue with custom classes

  • Fixed an issue with cluster state inconsistency

  • Fixed an issue with console log in


  • Cluster monitoring and alerting improvements

  • Improved the message for the resetting password and signup operations

March 9, 2021 - v2.7.3


  • Fixed an issue with token generator

February 17, 2021 - v2.7.2


  • Fixed an issue with Logging Integration in Hazelcast Enterprise

February 9, 2021 - v2.7.1


  • Fixed an issue with GitHub OAuth

  • Fixed an issue with applying promo codes

  • Fixed an issue with the custom classes uploaded to GCP

February 8, 2021 - v2.7.0

New Features:

  • Introduced Social Sign-On with Google and GitHub. You can now start using Hazelcast Cloud with a few clicks.

  • Hazelcast 4.1 in the cloud now


  • Improve customer invitation and signups

  • Several improvements with GCP Enterprise Clusters

January 29, 2021 - v2.6.4


  • Fixed an issue with payment approvals

January 25, 2021 - v2.6.3


  • Fixed an issue with metric calculations

December 17, 2020 - v2.6.2


  • Fixed an issue with users Invitation and decommissioning

December 2, 2020 - v2.6.1


  • Fixed an issue in the GCP Enterprise cluster scale-up

December 1, 2020 - v2.6.0

New Features:

  • Introduced GCP Cloud Provider support, now you can create an Enterprise cluster on GCP

  • Official Hazelcast Cloud CLI is released

  • Official Hazelcast Cloud Golang SDK is released

  • Unified VPC Peering flow. Now you can handle VPC Peering flow by using hzcloud cli for all cloud providers


  • UK Post Code validation in the Payment Method screen is fixed.

September 17, 2020 - v.2.5.0

New Features:

  • Cluster management API using GraphQL

  • Added the ability to reset token/password


  • Fixed an issue where some clusters were failing during creation

  • Fixed an issue in Map loader upload

  • Improve the Cluster listing page speed

September 7, 2020 - v2.4.1


  • Fixed an issue where a stopped cluster couldn’t be deleted

September 2, 2020 - v.2.4.0

New Features:

  • IMDG 4.0 clusters are now available in Cloud Starter

  • Added a Description field for IP Whitelisting entry


  • Fixed an issue where User was asked to pay the credits when trying to delete a public cloud account

  • Fixed an issue with Management Center IP whitelisting not working correctly

  • Fixed an issue where the Cluster Start time was showing incorrectly on the UI

  • Added confirmation popup on WAN replication deletion

  • Several UI improvements

August 6, 2020 - v2.3.0

New Features:

June 8, 2020 - v2.2.0

New Feature:

  • Support for Hazelcast 4.0

June 2, 2020 - v2.1.1


  • Fixed an issue where Team couldn’t create a cluster

May 14, 2020 - v2.1.0

New Features:

  • Public Access Option For Enterprise

  • Public IP Whitelisting Support

  • WAN Replication

March 31, 2020 - Cloud Enterprise GA on AWS (v2.0.0)

New Features:

August 9, 2019

Hazelcast version has been updated to 3.12.2.

June 19, 2019

New Features:

  • Team and role-based access support

  • More flexible credit (voucher) system

May 16, 2019

New Features:


  • Promo code confirmation position not intuitive

  • Add button for indexes overflow on Firefox

  • Field validation on login screen triggered when clicking to Forgot your password link

  • Custom map config dialog moves row height on error

  • Credit card icon is distorted on Firefox

March 19, 2019 - Hazelcast Cloud 1.0

  • Completed the Beta stage and launched Hazelcast Cloud 1.0 GA.

  • New UI for login and registration.

March 15, 2019

New Features:

  • Enabled the User code deployment feature for Hazelcast Cloud. You can now run the executor service, entry processor and queries with custom objects.


  • Added the missing import statement for the Go-lang example.

March 4, 2019


  • Added the missing TLS password for the downloadable sample clients.

February 24, 2019


  • Added more explanation (tooltip) for autoscaling.

  • Removed the unused static files.

  • Improved the misleading label when creating a new cluster.


  • Fixed an issue where the "New Cluster" page was blank when you visit it sequentially by manually entering in the browser.

  • Fixed several typos on the emails.

  • Fixed an issue where the dashboard and client API was showing different map sizes.

January 28, 2019

New Features:

  • IP Whitelisting: Introduced IP whitelisting that allows you to restrict the clients that can connect to your cluster.

  • Autoscaling: Introduced automatic scaling (up or down) of your cluster depending on the memory utilization.


  • Introduced a page with maintenance warning to be shown during the Hazelcast Cloud’s maintenance works.

  • Improved the message for the resetting password operations requested by the users.

  • Introduced a mechanism to clean up all the resources (map configurations, secrets, network policies, etc.) after a cluster is deleted.

  • Added the allowed IP’s field into the cluster details page.


  • Fixed an issue where the "Billing & Payments" page was missing the invoice numbers.

  • Added links to the past invoices and receipts under the "Billing & Payments" page.

  • Fixed a validation issue where the UI was sending login requests for invalid form fields.

  • Fixed the malfunctioning offline detection.

January 11, 2019


  • Introduced a timeout to the metric query so that the cluster detail page is not destroyed.

  • Improved the cluster detail page so that the chart panels are now hidden when the cluster is stopped.


  • Fixed an issue where the Java client sample was not working since mvnw could not be executed.

  • Fixed the issues in the Go client sample that caused indentation defects.

  • Fixed an issue where the cluster details were still accessible for the deleted clusters.

  • Fixed an issue where the "Cost this month" field under "Billing & Payment" page was not resetting.