Configuring Distributed Data Structures

Hazelcast offers distributed implementations of common data structures. From the Cloud console, you can create new custom configurations or modify the default configuration for these data structures.

Consider using the following data structures when building your application.

Data structure Description Settings Default Configuration


Key-value pairs that are distributed across partitions in a cluster. Distributed maps, also known as IMaps or maps, make it easier to scale your applications while protecting against member failures. Maps support SQL-like queries.

Hazelcast’s specification-compliant JCache implementation. JCache allows you to store frequently accessed data in memory and to access, update, and delete the data efficiently across partitions in a cluster.

All clients and cluster members can interact with a queue. Add an item to the queue in one cluster member and remove it from another member with another client.

All clients and cluster members can publish topics for consumption by subscribers, and subscribe to topics published by other clients and cluster members.