Adding a Mapping to a Kafka Data Connection

You can only add a new mapping to an existing Kafka data connection. You cannot update an existing mapping or data connection using the connector wizard.

Adding a New Mapping to a Data Connection

  1. Sign into the Cloud console.

  2. Select the cluster where the existing data connection is saved.

  3. In the left navigation, select SQL to open the SQL browser.

  4. In the Data Explorer, click Connector Wizard.

  5. Select the Existing Connections tab and find the data connection you need to update.

  6. Click Create a New Mapping next to it.

  7. Enter a unique name for your mapping.

  8. From the Choose Topic list, select the Kafka topic that you want to query. All topic names are listed using the following format: “topic name”.

  9. Click Next Step.

  10. Select the key/value format for the message data in your Kafka topic.

  11. Enter the field names and associated data types for the message data that you want to query. Choose the most appropriate data type if an exact match is not available.

  12. Click Generate Mapping Command to generate the SQL required to create the new mapping and to add it to your data connection.

  13. Click Confirm & Run to start to query your data in the SQL browser.