An Organization account allows one or more users to use shared resources, such as clusters. Every account is owned by an organization and is controlled by an admin user. Users can belong to a single organization only.

This helps you with the following:

  • Cluster management across multiple organization users

  • Multiple departments managed under a single account

  • Budgeting through unified billing

  • User access management

In addition to their administrative permissions, admin users have the same set of permissions that are granted to organization users; for example, the admin user can manage their own clusters. For further information on user permissions, see the User Roles topic.

For further information on organization accounts and the user roles, see the Organization section.

For further information on organization users, see the User section.

Keep your Account Safe

To keep your account safe, Hazelcast recommends taking the following actions:

  • Secure your private information: Keep your password and any API key private. For further information on changing your password, see the Change Password topic. For further information on generating and deleting an API key, see the Manage API Key topic

  • Enable multi-factor authentication (MFA): Protect your account from anyone who might know your username and password with an extra authentication step. This means that you must provide a unique code, which is generated by your authentication tool, as well as entering your username and password. MFA is also an effective defence against brute force attacks. For further information on enabling MFA, see the Multi-factor Authentication topic

  • Allow only authorized devices to access your cluster: You can set up an IP whitelist to allow only known IP addresses to access your cluster. For further information on setting up an IP whitelist, see the IP Whitelisting topic