Developer Tools

Hazelcast provides a variety of developer tools for creating, testing and debugging applications.

Client Libraries

You can use any available client library to connect to Hazelcast Viridian clusters.

Hazelcast Viridian CLI

Hazelcast Viridian CLI is a command-line tool for creating and managing Viridian clusters.

See the documentation on GitHub.

Maven Plugin for Viridian Serverless


The Maven plugin for Viridian Serverless is a Java development tool for testing and deploying cluster-side modules on Viridian Serverless clusters.

Hazelcast CLC

Hazelcast Command-Line Client (CLC) is a command-line tool for connecting to and monitoring local and remote Viridian Serverless clusters. The Hazelcast CLC also allows you to create and manage data pipelines and data structures on your clusters, and to query cluster data using SQL.

See the documentation for example use cases, tutorials, installation instructions, configuration details, and a full list of commands.