Accept Invitation to Organization

When the admin user invites someone to join the organization, an invitation is sent to the specified email address unless that email address already exists in Cloud.

The same email address cannot be used more than once in a single organization, or in more than one organization.

To accept an invitation to join an organization, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the email from your organization

  2. Select the ACCEPT INVITE button

    The Hazelcast Cloud organization invitation screen displays

  3. Enter your name in the Full Name text box

    Your email address is pre-filled and cannot be edited. This is the email address used when signing in.

  4. Enter a password in the Password text box. This is the password used when signing in

  5. Select the Create Account button

Your account is created, and you can sign in using the specified email and password.

To further secure your account, enable MFA. For further information on enabling MFA, see the Multi-Factor Authentication topic.