The Hazelcast Cloud allows you to manage your resources and clusters via API, SDK, and CLI. You can get further details about them from API Reference.

In order to use these applications, you need to provide API Key and API Secret. This API Key and API Secret can be created from Developers tab in Settings as shown below.

Creating API Key and API Secret

You can easily create a new API Key from the Generate new API Key button on this page. Then you can use these credentials on our applications to make actions. Currently, you can only create 1 API Key and API Secret pair on your account.

You can only see API Secret once you created it. So, you should copy them once you created.
You should keep API Key and Secret as secret. Anyone who has them can make any actions like deleting your cluster on Hazelcast Cloud.

A screen for viewing

Deleting API Key

You can delete your API Key anytime you want from the Delete API Key button as shown below.

After you delete your API Key, every application you used this API Key and API Secret won’t work unless you supply the new API Key and API Secret.

An API key with a button to delete it called Delete API key