Custom Classes Upload

In Hazelcast cluster, you need to upload custom Java classes for the following situations:

  1. You have objects that run on the cluster via the clients such as Runnable, Callable and entry processors.

  2. You have new or amended user domain objects, e.g., in-memory format of the IMap set to Object, which need to be deployed into the cluster.

  3. You have your own MapLoader or MapStore implementations.

Uploaded custom classes are deployed onto the cluster by using rolling restart, hence there is a risk to lose data if cluster consists of one member.

It’s allowed to upload files with extensions zip and jar only. The maximum file size is 500MB.

Uploaded classes are restricted by a limited set of JSP permissions.

If you need your uploaded code to be granted any additional permissions, please create a support ticket for it.

Uploading Custom Classes

To upload JAR files with custom classes, you need to click on the Upload Custom Classes button in the cluster details page:

Upload custom classes to an existing cluster

or during cluster creation:

Upload custom classes to a new cluster

Once you click on it, the following dialog appears where you can drag your file to or select it using the browse link:

Drag and drop custom classes

Once the upload is successfully finished and the progress indicator disappeared, the custom classes are deployed and ready to use:

Successful upload of custom classes

Removing Custom Classes

To remove the custom classes from the cluster, click on the Upload Custom Classes in the cluster details page. In the appeared dialog (seen above) click on the trash button next to the file name and wait until the operation finishes:

Remove a custom class from a cluster

Downloading Custom Classes

All filenames are downloadable links. You can download the desired class files by clicking on their names in the "UPLOAD CUSTOM CLASSES" dialog.