Troubleshooting Management Center

This section describes how to deal with known issues and also how to read the user interface logs of Management Center.

Automated Security Scanning

When you scan Management Center artifacts, your tool might warn you about the following vulnerabilities. Management Center security is not affected by them. It uses a custom version of H2DB which is patched against these vulnerabilities.

Horizontal Scrollbar in Tables when Using Mac

Mac automatically shows a horizontal scrollbar in the status tables of Management Center, when you scroll through a table content.

The scrollbar should hide shortly after you stop scrolling. This is the default behavior and it shouldn’t cause any inconvenience. However, if you still want to change it, address "Show scroll bars" section of the "Change General preferences on Mac" guide.

Experience Timeout

If you experience a timeout when running scripts or SQL queries, you can increase the timeout value in the property.