5.0.1 Release Notes

These release notes list any new features, enhancements, and fixes that were made between version 5.0 and 5.0.1 of Hazelcast Management Center.


  • Redesigned Toast notifications. [MC-867]

  • Improved partition distribution display when there is no data. [MC-1052]

  • Updated documentation with info about how to run the latest Management Center SNAPSHOT. [MC-861]

  • Added a loading indicator to the SQL Browser map dropdown. [MC-1113]

  • SQL Browser is always enabled for Hazelcast 5.0+. [MC-1143]

  • Improved the wording for the top label on the Local Security Provider form. [MC-1049]

  • Changed the successful WAN replication link tick color from red to green. [MC-1123]

  • Added Healthcheck for the member OS metrics availability. [MC-1022]

  • Improved Partition Distribution colors. [MC-1105]

  • Added a tooltip for the warning sign next to the WAN replication member. [MC-1103]

  • Added logging for cluster connection failures and their reasons to a file {hazelcast.mc.home}/hz-client.log. [MC-1089]

  • Added an alphabetical sorting for the SQL Browser map dropdown. [MC-1057]


  • Fixed a metrics consumption error that caused N/A metrics on the frontend [MC-1090]

  • Connect button is now shown right away on the Connect Cluster form. [MC-1142]

  • Cloud user role is hidden from Management Center. [MC-1140]

  • Added a scroll for the Top Bar if it doesn’t fit the screen. [MC-1081]

  • Changed CP Subsystem status from "Not supported" to "Disabled". [MC-895]

  • Client entry button labels in the legend now do not cause overflow. [MC-99]

  • Fixed the WAN replication average event latency calculation. [MC-1127]