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Cluster Connections

To connect Management Center to a Hazelcast cluster, you need to configure at least the name of the cluster and the addresses of one or more members.

To configure these settings, you can use one of the following options:

Connecting to Clusters with TLS Enabled

If a Hazelcast cluster is configured to use TLS, you need to configure the truststore on Management Center, using a client configuration file.

To configure Management Center with a client configuration file, use one of the following options:

For more information about configuring a client configuration file for TLS, see TLS for Hazelcast Clients in the Platform documentation.

Environment Variables

If you use the terminal to start Management Center for example by executing the JAR file or a script, you can set the following environment variables:

Variable Description


A comma-separated list of cluster member addresses.


The cluster name. Default: dev.