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User Management

Users in Management Center have roles that determine what permissions they have. For example, an admin user has access to all features, whereas a metrics-only user can only view metrics and can’t see the data. To create and manage users, it depends on which security provider you are using.

User Roles

All users need one of the following roles:

Table 1. User Roles
Role Permissions


Administrator privileges give users access to all features. Only admin users can update user’s passwords, create new users, or manage Enterprise licenses.


Users have read and write access to Management Center.

Read-Only User

Users cannot do anything that requires write permissions such as updating map configurations, running garbage collection, triggering a thread dump on a cluster member, or shutting down members or clusters.

Metrics-Only User

Users can only view metrics that are displayed in Management Center.

New Users

You can create new users and assign those users a role. The way in which you create new users depends on the security provider that you use to authenticate users in Management Center. See Security Providers.

Authentication Tokens

To use the REST API, users need an authentication token, unless you are an admin user and you are using dev mode.

The way in which you generate an authentication token depends on your chosen security provider. See Clustered REST.