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Prometheus Monitoring

You can export cluster metrics to a scrape endpoint in Management Center that Prometheus can consume. By collecting cluster metrics in Prometheus you can monitor Hazelcast along with your other applications in the same monitoring tool.

Enabling the Prometheus Exporter

To start exposing metrics to Prometheus, set the hazelcast.mc.prometheusExporter.enabled system property to true.

Metrics are exposed to the /metrics endpoint, which is the default Prometheus metrics path.

All metrics are exported with the hz_ prefix.

Configuring Prometheus

After enabling the Prometheus exporter, you can configure your Prometheus YAML file to scrape metrics from Management Center.

For guidance, see the Prometheus configuration docs.

To allow Prometheus to scrape metrics from Management Center, set the static_configs.targets parameter to the URL of your Management Center instance.

  - job_name: 'HZ MC'
    # scheme defaults to HTTP.
    - targets: ['localhost:8080'] # replace this address with the network address of Hazelcast Management Center

Authenticating the Scrape Endpoint

To secure the scrape endpoint, you can set up basic authentication.

To set up basic authentication, use the set prometheus-auth task of the mc-conf tool. Replace the <my-user> and <my-pass> placeholders with your chosen username and password.

  • Linux and macOS

  • Windows

mc-conf.sh set prometheus-auth <my-user> <my-pass>
mc-conf.bat set prometheus-auth <my-user> <my-pass>

Then, add the credentials to the basic_auth parameter of the Prometheus YAML file:

  - job_name: 'HZ MC'
    - targets: ['localhost:8080']
      username: my-user
      password: my-pass

Resetting the Authentication Credentials

To reset authentication credentials for the scrape endpoint, use the security reset task of the mc-conf tool.

This task will also delete all users from the database.
  • Linux and macOS

  • Windows

mc-conf.sh security reset
mc-conf.bat security reset

Filtering Metrics

By default, Management Center exports all metrics that are reported by the cluster.

To filter the metrics that are exposed to the scrape endpoint, use the hazelcast.mc.prometheusExporter.filter.metrics.included and hazelcast.mc.prometheusExporter.filter.metrics.excluded system properties.

For example, this configuation exposes only the following metrics:

  • hz_topic_totalReceivedMessages

  • hz_map_totalPutLatency

java -jar -Dhazelcast.mc.prometheusExporter.enabled=true \
  -Dhazelcast.mc.prometheusExporter.filter.metrics.included=hz_topic_totalReceivedMessages,hz_map_totalPutLatency \
  -jar hazelcast-management-center-5.0.4.jar

This configuation exposes all metrics except the following:

  • hz_os_systemLoadAverage,hz_memory_freeHeap

java -jar -Dhazelcast.mc.prometheusExporter.enabled=true \
  -Dhazelcast.mc.prometheusExporter.filter.metrics.excluded=hz_os_systemLoadAverage,hz_memory_freeHeap \
  -jar hazelcast-management-center-5.0.4.jar

Overriding the Default Port

By default, metrics are exposed on the same port as the Management Center web interface. To override the port number, use the -Dhazelcast.mc.prometheusExporter.port system property.

java -jar -Dhazelcast.mc.prometheusExporter.enabled=true \
  -Dhazelcast.mc.prometheusExporter.port=2222 \
  -jar hazelcast-management-center-5.0.4.jar

In this example, the Prometheus endpoint will be available at http://localhost:2222/metrics. To allow Prometheus to scrape metrics from Management Center, make sure to set the static_configs.targets parameter to this port.

  - job_name: 'HZ MC'
    - targets: ['localhost:2222']

Visualizing Metrics in Grafana

To visualize Prometheus metrics in Grafana, you can start with this dashboard.

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