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Phone Home

Hazelcast uses phone home data to learn about the usage of Hazelcast Management Center.

Management Center sends data to the phone home server at http://phonehome.hazelcast.com/pingMc 30 minutes after it’s started and once every 24 hours thereafter.

Data Sent in Phone Homes

The following information is sent in a phone home:

  • Version of Management Center

  • Security provider used (Local, LDAP, ActiveDirectory, JAAS)

  • Whether clustered REST is enabled

  • Whether clustered JMX is enabled

  • Whether TLS is enabled

    • If TLS is enabled, whether mutual authentication is enabled

  • Whether Management Center is deployed on an application server or used in standalone mode

    • If not in standalone mode, type of the application server

  • Number of users (if the local security provider is used)

  • Number of clusters

  • Management Center uptime

  • Minimum and maximum cluster sizes

  • Minimum and maximum cluster versions

  • Metrics storage parameters

  • Whether the Prometheus exported is enabled

  • Whether Management Center is running in Docker

  • Healthcheck parameters

  • Console usage

  • SQL Browser usage

  • Total number of members

  • Size of the Hazelcast Management Center home directory

  • Hash value of Hazelcast Management Center license key

  • Environment Information:

    • Name of operating system

    • Version of installed Java

For each user login, we store the following information and send it in a phone home:

  • Browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE etc.)

  • Browser major version

  • Operating system

  • Operating system version

  • Screen height and width

  • Window height and width

Disabling Phone Homes