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Removing CP Members

If a CP member loses connection with the rest of the cluster, the CP subsystem will wait for the 4 hours by default before connecting to a new CP member. You can configure this time in the missing-cp-member-auto-removal-seconds setting. See Configuring CP Subsystem in the Platform documentation.

You can manually remove a disconnected CP member from the CP subsystem, using Management Center.

Before you Begin

You should have a good understanding of CP subsystem in Hazelcast, see CP Subsystem in the Platform documentation.

This page is available only to admin users.

Remove a CP Member

  1. Go to Administration > CP Subsystem, and click Remove.

  2. Select a CP member from the dropdown.

    Although this member is not connected to the Management Center, it is known by the cluster’s CP subsystem.

If everything goes well, a success message is displayed.

Remove CP Member Confirmation

If an exception occurs, an error notification is displayed.