Meta-information about Mappings

You can find more information about existing mappings such as the column names and their SQL data types using the information_schema tables.

  1. Create a mapping to a map called myMappingName.

    CREATE MAPPING myMappingName
    TYPE IMap
    OPTIONS ('keyFormat'='varchar','valueFormat'='int');
  2. Get the name of all mappings.


    You should see the name of the mapping.

    |name                |
    |myMappingName       |
  3. Get more information about the mapping.

    SELECT * FROM information_schema.mappings
    WHERE table_name = 'myMappingName';

    The name of the mapping is stored in the table_name column. Currently, all mappings are part of the public schema in the hazelcast table catalog.

  4. Get information about the column names and the columns' SQL data types.

    SELECT * FROM information_schema.columns
    WHERE table_name = 'myMappingName';

Next Steps

See the SQL statements that you can use to manage your mappings.