Socket Connector

The socket sources and sinks open a TCP socket to the supplied address and either read from or write to the socket. The sockets are text-based and may only read or write text data.

Installing the Connector

This connector is included in the full and slim distributions of Hazelcast.

Socket as a Source

A simple example of the source is below:

Pipeline p = Pipeline.create();
p.readFrom(Sources.socket("localhost", 8080, StandardCharsets.UTF_8))
 .map(line -> /* parse line */)

This will connect to a socket on port 8080 and wait to receive some lines of text, which will be sent as an item for the next step in the pipeline to process.

Please note that Hazelcast will not create any server sockets, this should be handled outside the pipeline.

Socket as a Sink

When used as a sink, it will send a line of text for each input item, similar to how the source works:

Pipeline p = Pipeline.create();
 .map(e -> e.toString())
 .writeTo(Sinks.socket("localhost", 8080));

Any disconnections from either source or sink will cause the job to fail, so this source is mostly aimed for simple IPC or testing.