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Finding Existing Mappings

You can find out information about existing mappings such as column names and their SQL data types.

Before you Begin

Prerequisites Useful resources

A Hazelcast cluster in client/server mode.

Enable the Jet engine.

The Jet engine is needed to run SQL queries. For information about how to enable the Jet engine, see Securing Jobs.

An understanding of mappings.

Find a Mapping

  1. Create a mapping to a map called myMappingName.

    CREATE MAPPING myMappingName
    TYPE IMap
    OPTIONS ('keyFormat'='varchar','valueFormat'='int');
  2. Get the name of your mapping.


    You should see the name of the mapping.

    |name                |
    |myMappingName       |
  3. Get more information about the mapping.

    SELECT * FROM information_schema.mappings
    WHERE table_name = 'myMappingName';

    The name of the mapping is stored in the table_name column. And, all tables are part of the hazelcast table catalog in the public schema.

  4. Get information about the column names and the columns' SQL data types.

    SELECT * FROM information_schema.columns
    WHERE table_name = 'myMappingName';

Next Steps

See the SQL statements that you can use to manage your mappings.