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Hazelcast Editions and Licenses

Hazelcast has Open Source and Enterprise editions. Hazelcast Enterprise is the licensed commercial offering built on top of the Open Source product.

Features in Hazelcast Open Source

The Open Source edition of Hazelcast offers the following features:

  • Distributed computation, data structures, and events

  • Streaming data processing

  • Connectors to read from/write to systems like Apache Kafka, JMS, JDBC and HDMS

  • Querying with SQL and predicates

  • CP subsystem for distributed coordination use cases

  • JCache implementation

  • Replication of web sessions (filter, Tomcat, Jetty based)

  • Administration and monitoring utilities including Management Center, JMX, metrics and diagnostics

Features in Hazelcast Enterprise

The Enterprise edition of Hazelcast offers the following features in addition to the ones listed above:

  • High-Density Memory Store (off-heap memory)

  • Persistence

  • Lossless cluster restarts

  • Rolling upgrades

  • Job upgrades

  • Unlimited members on Hazelcast Management Center (it is restricted to 3 members on the freely available version of Management Center)

  • CP Subsystem Persistence

  • Security Suite (RBAC, TLS, Mutual Auth, Client Certificates)

  • WAN Replication (syncing data between two geo-replicated clusters)

  • Blue/Green Deployments

All preexisting Hazelcast licenses (former Pro/Enterprise/Enterprise HD licenses) work with Hazelcast Platform.

Open Source License

Hazelcast Open Source edition is free and covered by Apache License, Version 2.0 and Hazelcast Community License. Permissions are granted to use, reproduce and distribute it along with any kind of open source and closed source applications.

Enterprise License

Hazelcast Enterprise edition is a commercial product of Hazelcast, Inc. and distributed under a commercial license that must be acquired before using it in any type of released software. Feel free to contact Hazelcast sales department for more information about commercial offers.