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Deadline Failure Detector

Deadline Failure Detector uses an absolute timeout for missing/lost heartbeats. After timeout, a member is considered as crashed/unavailable and marked as suspected.

Deadline Failure Detector has the following configuration properties:

  • hazelcast.heartbeat.interval.seconds: This is the interval at which member heartbeat messages are sent to each other.

  • hazelcast.max.no.heartbeat.seconds: This is the timeout which defines when a cluster member is suspected because it has not sent any heartbeats.

To use Deadline Failure Detector, the configuration property hazelcast.heartbeat.failuredetector.type should be set to "deadline".

Declarative Configuration:

  • XML

  • YAML

        <property name="hazelcast.heartbeat.failuredetector.type">deadline</property>
        <property name="hazelcast.heartbeat.interval.seconds">5</property>
        <property name="hazelcast.max.no.heartbeat.seconds">120</property>
    hazelcast.heartbeat.failuredetector.type: deadline
    hazelcast.heartbeat.interval.seconds: 5
    hazelcast.max.no.heartbeat.seconds: 120

Programmatic Configuration:

Config config = ...;
config.setProperty("hazelcast.heartbeat.failuredetector.type", "deadline");
config.setProperty("hazelcast.heartbeat.interval.seconds", "5");
config.setProperty("hazelcast.max.no.heartbeat.seconds", "120");
Deadline Failure Detector is the default failure detector in Hazelcast.