5.0.1 Release Notes

These release notes list any new features, enhancements, and fixes that were made between version 5.0 and 5.0.1 of Hazelcast Platform.

For information about upgrading from previous IMDG and Jet releases, see the Upgrading to Hazelcast Platform section.

To learn about the changes in previous IMDG and Jet releases, see IMDG release notes and Jet release notes.


  • Updated Avro dependency version to 1.11.0 and AWS SDK to 1.12.120 in Hazelcast’s root pom.xml. #20008, #20007

  • Updated the dependency version of log4j2 to 2.15.0 in the root pom.xml file. #20153

  • Introduced a system property for allowing you to audit that all the Hazelcast instances running in your environment have the instance tracking file name set correctly in the configuration. See the note in Instance Tracking. #19930


  • Fixed an issue where the hazelcast.yaml file was ignored when it is the only configuration file present in the Hazelcast setup; during startup it was looking only for the hazelcast.xml file and producing an error message saying that the configuration does not exist even though there is the yaml configuration file. Now it automatically uses hazelcast.yaml when hazelcast.xml is not available. #20004

  • Fixed an issue where the Hazelcast CLI commands were outputting incorrect command names in the output with the --help argument. For example, the command hz-start --help was outputting the following. #20002

    Usage: hazelcast-start [-d]
      -d, --daemon   Starts Hazelcast in daemon mode

    The output now displays the correct command:

    Usage: hz-start [-d]
      -d, --daemon   Starts Hazelcast in daemon mode
  • Hazelcast was executing cluster wide operations when you query the state of a member using the health check endpoint - it was causing to kill all the members in a cluster; this issue has been fixed. #19905

  • Fixed an issue where there were mismatching map configurations when phone home is enabled. #19900

  • Fixed an issue where the command hz-stop --help was not displaying the help but executing the hz-stop command. #19726

  • Hazelcast’s memcached implementation was interpreting the number values and parameters for incr and decr wrongly (numbers were being converted into byte arrays instead of decimals). This has been fixed by making these commands' implementations strictly follow the memcached protocol specification. #19677

  • Fixed an issue where the totalPublishes statistics for the Reliable Topic data structure were always generated as 0. #19651

  • When you both enable the persistence and automatic removal of stale data in the configuration, member startup failures were occurring. This has been fixed by adding the auto-remove-stale-data element to the configuration schema. #19373


We would like to thank the contributors from our open source community who worked on this release: