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Monitoring License Keys

It’s important to keep track of when your license key is due to expire. If you have an expired license, Hazelcast will not start.

When a license is about to expire, Hazelcast issues the following warning about approaching license expiry in the member logs:

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ WARNING @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
Your Hazelcast cluster will stop working after this time.

Your license holder is customer@example-company.com, you should have them contact
our license renewal department, urgently on sales@hazelcast.com
or call us on +1 (650) 521-5453

Please quote license id CUSTOM_TEST_KEY

This frequency of these warnings depends on how long if left until the license expires:

Table 1. Frequency of warnings about license expiration
Time until expiry Warning frequency

Two months


One month


One week

Every 30 minutes

To get details about your current license, you can use the Management Center, the JMX API, or the REST API.

Getting License Details with the JMX API

The MBean HazelcastInstance.LicenseInfo holds all license details and can be accessed through Hazelcast’s JMX port (if enabled). The following parameters represent these details:

  • maxNodeCountAllowed: Maximum members allowed to form a cluster under the current license.

  • expiryDate: Expiration date of the current license.

  • typeCode: Type code of the current license.

  • type: Type of the current license.

  • ownerEmail: Email of the current license’s owner.

  • companyName: Company name on the current license.

Following is the list of license types and type codes:

MANAGEMENT_CENTER(1, "Management Center"),
ENTERPRISE(0, "Enterprise"),
ENTERPRISE_SECURITY_ONLY(2, "Enterprise only with security"),
ENTERPRISE_HD(3, "Enterprise HD"),
CUSTOM(4, "Custom");

Getting License Details with the REST API

You can access license details by sending a GET request to the /license endpoint.

curl -v http://localhost:5701/hazelcast/rest/license

Its output is similar to the following:

  "licenseInfo": {
    "expiryDate": 4090168799999,
    "maxNodeCount": 99,
    "type": 3,
    "companyName": null,
    "ownerEmail": null,"keyHash":"OsLh4O6vqDuKEq8lOANQuuAaRnmDfJfRPrFSEhA7T3Y="

Getting License Details in Management Center

See Enterprise Licenses in the Management Center documentation.