5.0.3 Release Notes

These release notes list any new features, enhancements, and fixes that were made between version 5.0.2 and 5.0.3 of Hazelcast Platform.

For information about upgrading from previous IMDG and Jet releases, see the Upgrading to Hazelcast Platform section.

To learn about the changes in previous IMDG and Jet releases, see IMDG release notes and Jet release notes.

The numbers in the square brackets refer to the issues in Hazelcast’s GitHub repositories.



  • Enterprise Fixed an issue where a Hazelcast Enterprise member could not start when there is a custom serializer and the allow-override-default-serializers configuration is enabled. #4879

  • Fixed a data race in SingleProtocolEncoder; while one method of this interface is called from the input thread, another one is called from the output thread which was causing the race. #20993

  • Fixed a potential deadlock during partition migrations and inability to make progress while performing graceful shutdown with persistence enabled. #20884

  • Fixed an issue where the hz-start.bat command was not working with Java 8 in the Windows operating system. #20811

  • Fixed an issue where the Operation Profiler of diagnostic utility was showing incorrect latency distributions. #20722

  • Fixed an issue where a Hazelcast client was failing to connect to a cluster if it does not know the hostname of a cluster member. #20630

  • Fixed the mapping issue of Hazelcast Map fields in SQL; when the value object contains a public getter of java.util.Map, the CREATE MAPPING statement was failing. #20256

  • Enterprise Fixed an issue where the memory cost statistics for a High-Density Memory Store backed map were being calculated incorrectly when you perform key based evictions and then load all the keys. #4647