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Updating a License Key with the REST API

The REST API has a /license endpoint that allows you to temporarily update the license on a running member.

If a member shuts down, its license key will not be persisted. To persist the license key, you can add the license key to a configuration file.

Before you Begin

To use the REST API, you must enable it on your members. See the REST Endpoint Groups section.

Update a License Key

To temporarily update the license of a running cluster, send a POST request to the /license endpoint.

curl --data "{cluster-name}&{password}&{license}" http://localhost:5001/hazelcast/rest/license
The request parameters must be URL-encoded as described in the REST Client section.

The above command updates the license on all running Hazelcast members of the cluster. If successful, the response looks as follows:

  "status": "success",
  "licenseInfo": {
    "expiryDate": 1560380399161,
    "maxNodeCount": 10,
    "type": -1,
    "companyName": "ExampleCompany",
    "ownerEmail": "info@example.com",
    "keyHash": "ml/u6waTNQ+T4EWxnDRykJpwBmaV9uj+skZzv0SzDhs="
  "message": "License updated at run time - please make sure to update the license in the persistent configuration to avoid losing the changes on restart."

If, for any reason, updating the license fails on some members (member does not respond, license is not compatible, etc.), the whole operation fails, leaving the cluster in a potentially inconsistent state (some members have been switched to the new license while some have not). It is up to you to resolve this situation manually.