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Getting Started with a Hazelcast Client

Hazelcast clients allow you to connect to Hazelcast clusters to request data, listen to events, submit data processing jobs and more.

Imagine a trading application where all trading data is stored and managed in a Hazelcast cluster with tens of members. Swing/Web applications at the traders' desktops can use clients to access and modify the data in the Hazelcast cluster.

To get started with a Hazelcast client, see the following:

Feature Comparison for Hazelcast Clients

To find out which features are available for each client, see the feature comparison matrix.

Maximum Number of Client Connections Per Member

Hundreds or even thousands of clients can be connected to the cluster. By default, members have core count * 20 threads that handle all the requests. For example, if a member has 4 cores, it will have 80 threads available to handle requests.