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Security Debugging

The biggest part of business logic related to security in Hazelcast is located in the com.hazelcast.security Java package. You can investigate the issues by printing more debug info from this package.

An example Log4J2 configuration is shown below:

        <Logger name="com.hazelcast.security" level="ALL"/>

Java Security Debugging

Java is able to print the debug information about using the security components. During the security troubleshooting, it’s often helpful to print the additional information by using the following system property:


See the Troubleshooting Security Java guide for more information.

TLS debugging

To assist with the TLS/SSL issues, you can use the following system property:


This property provides a lot of logging output including the TLS/SSL handshake, that can be used to determine the cause of the problem. See the Debugging TSL/SSL Connections guide for more information.