5.1.2 Release Notes


  • Fixed an issue where a cluster could not be formed when security is enabled, various client permissions are set, and multiple members are started simultaneously. #21510

  • Fixed an issue where a cluster was unresponsive when you perform a health check to see the members are in the safe state; cluster members were hanging in the REPLICA_NOT_SYNC state during such health checks. #21208

  • Fixed an issue where the list of members in the cluster was reset to an empty list when the UUID of a cluster changes after its restart: this was causing startup failures since Hazelcast could not manage the events due to the empty member list after a restart. #21178

  • Fixed an issue where the statistics like puts and removals were not increasing when these operations are executed through Transactional interface. #21107

  • Fixed a data race in SingleProtocolEncoder; while one method of this interface is called from the input thread, another one is called from the output thread which was causing the race. #20994

  • Fixed an issue where the automatic module name in hazelcast-5.x.jar could not be detected using Gradle. The reason was /META-INF/MANIFEST.MF not being the first or second entry in the JAR file; now this manifest file is the second entry. #20976