5.1.7 Release Notes


  • Added support of IMDSv2 for Hazelcast’s AWS Discovery plugin. #23594

  • Updated the version of jackson-core dependency to 2.15.2. #24731


  • Fixed an issue where Hazelcast was sending empty map interceptor information to the members which are newly joined to the cluster; it was causing eager map initializations. #24668

  • Fixed various issues in Health Monitor including incorrect metric names. #24633

  • Fixed an issue where the REST calls were failing for Hazelcast clusters with TLS v1.3 configured, and deployed on Kubernetes. #24625

  • Fixed a parsing issue in JSON arrays when using predicate queries; it was causing the JSON query results to be varied according to the property order. #23452


We would like to thank the contributors from our open source community who worked on this release: