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Public Clouds

Deploy a Hazelcast cluster in cloud environments including Hazelcast Cloud, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Azure.

All these environments support the following features:

  • Allow members to discover each other automatically without static IP configuration.

  • Prevent data loss by creating partition backups in other Availability Zones (AZ).

Hazelcast Cloud

Deploy a Hazelcast application on Hazelcast Cloud.

Hazelcast AWS

Deploy a Hazelcast application on Amazon Web Services.

To deploy a cluster on Amazon EC2, ECS/EC2, or ECS/Fargate, see Deploying a Cluster on Amazon AWS.

To deploy a cluster on Amazon EKS/Fargate or EKS/EC2, see Deploying on Kubernetes.

Hazelcast Kubernetes

Deploy a Hazelcast application in Kubernetes environments, including the following that we have tested: GKE, EKS, AKS, OpenShift, IBM Cloud, Minikube.

Other Cloud Environments

To deploy Hazelcast in other cloud environments, check our list of supported cloud plugins.