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Configuring JVM Parameters

You can configure the required JVM parameters such as the heap size in the jvm.options file in the config/ directory of your Hazelcast distribution. Use one option per line. You can also use # at the beginning of the line for comments.

For example, to start Hazelcast with a 8GB heap use the following content in the jvm.options file:

# JVM Configuration

You can also use the JAVA_OPTS environment variable for ad-hoc configuration option. For example, to start Hazelcast with a 8GB heap, you can use the following command:

JAVA_OPTS=-Xmx8G bin/jet-start

You can use the JAVA_OPTS also to pass additional properties to Hazelcast:

JAVA_OPTS=-Dhazelcast.operation.thread.count=4 bin/jet-start