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Release Notes

New Features

  • Tiered Storage support for Hazelcast and Map CRs (#984)

  • CP Subsystem configuration support for Hazelcast CR (#1041)

  • Full and Delta WAN Sync support (#977)

  • Added ability to configure consistencyCheckStrategy in WanReplication CR (#1072)

  • Introduced localConfig, which was added to the Persistence configuration to restore from existing PVs that are created by the Helm chart or the Operator (#1043)

  • Exposed ingress path for external connectivity in the Management Center CR (#989)

  • Added Custom Query Attributes into Map CR (#978)


  • Removed the ability to configure persistence.baseDir field that is managed by the operator internally ? (#1028)

  • Added support for running a Hazelcast cluster with the user-defined serviceAccount (#983)

  • Display HazelcastEndpoint address for NodePort services (#966)

  • Enabled the hazelcast.cluster.version.auto.upgrade.enabled by default (#957)

  • Added support for scaling the cluster size using the scale subresource (#941)

  • Added ability to define annotations and labels for Hazelcast resources, which Operator will use when creating new Kubernetes resources (#964)

  • Added ‘delete’ Webhook to HotBackup Custom Resource Definition (CRD) for checking to restore references (#981)

  • Set the WanConfig name field length limit to prevent port name generation issues (#936)

  • Added ability to configure resources field for Operator Agent Sidecar (#980)

  • Updated the Platform Operator Agent image version to 0.1.26

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed Update validation for Management Center hazelcastClusters[*].tls.secretName (#1074)

  • Refactored HotBackup persistence validation to use the HotBackup object as the source object of the error instead of the Hazelcast object (#988)

  • Removed the watching of resources in Operator’s own namespace when watchedNamespaces were specified (#935)

  • Fixed that WatchedNamespaces were passed as environment variable (#934)