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Configuring System Properties

You can configure Hazelcast parameters using the properties field in the CRD spec. You can find all properties in System Properties document.

It is worth highlighting the following system properties:

  • During a rolling upgrade, the cluster is shutdown gracefully to prevent data loss. You can configure this using the hazelcast.graceful.shutdown.max.wait system property.

    Example Configuration:

    apiVersion: hazelcast.com/v1alpha1
    kind: Hazelcast
      name: hazelcast-sample
        "hazelcast.graceful.shutdown.max.wait": "300"

Hazelcast Platform Operator sets the following system properties to the default values, which cannot be changed:

  • The final step in the rolling upgrade procedure is to trigger a rolling upgrade on the cluster. Hazelcast Platform Operator triggers it automatically by setting hazelcast.cluster.version.auto.upgrade.enabled to true by default.

  • hazelcast.persistence.auto.cluster.state set to true by default.