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User Code Namespaces

User Code Namespaces provide a container for Java classpath resources, such as user code and accompanying artifacts like property files. This provides namespace isolation to ensure that access to resources in different namespaces can be managed through configuration. With the Hazelcast Platform Operator, you can create User Code Namespaces from the client.

See User Code Namespaces for more detailed information about the configuration and behavior of User Code Namespaces in Hazelcast.

Enabling User Code Namespaces

To enable User Code Namespaces you must use the Custom Configuration.

Example of Hazelcast with User Code Namespaces enabled
apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
  name: custom-config-cm
  hazelcast: |-
      enabled: true
apiVersion: hazelcast.com/v1alpha1
kind: Hazelcast
  name: hazelcast
  licenseKeySecretName: hazelcast-license-key
  customConfigCmName: custom-config-cm

With User Code Namespaces enabled, you can create and use the namespaces from the client as described in Configure Client. NOTE: The same User Code Namespaces must have been configured in your data structure.