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5.7 Release Notes

This release introduced the cluster-scoped operator, custom TLS and native memory configuration options, and Near Cache support for the Map CR. The release also added configuration options for the JVM Garbage Collector (GC), and advanced networking, along with Ingress & OCP Route support for external connectivity to Management Center.

New Features

  • Added support for TLS connections between members using self-signed certificates (#677)

  • Added multi-namespace support for the Hazelcast Platform Operator (#591)

  • Added off-heap memory (HD memory and native memory) support for the Map CR (#582)

  • Added Near Cache support for the Map CR (#661)

  • Added the ability to set arbitrary JVM arguments (#653)

  • Enabled the configuration of the JVM Garbage Collector (GC) using the Hazelcast Platform Operator (#647)

  • Added support for -XX:{Initial,Max,Min} RAMPercentage Java options (#567)

  • Added native memory support for the Cache CR (#645)

  • Introduced route resources for Management Center in OpenShift environments (#631)

  • Added Ingress support for external connectivity to Management Center (#608)

  • Enabled the configuration of advanced networking options through the Hazelcast Platform Operator (#605)

  • Enabled the configuring of Management Center monitoring parameters (#675)


  • Removed support for hostPath option for configuring persistent storage in Hazelcast (#607)

  • Added the default port 5701 to endpoints used in WAN Replication (#662)

  • WAN Replication is now automatically triggered for newly created Map CRs in the Hazelcast resource (#656)

  • Added external Ingress and Route addresses to Management Center (#643)

  • Maps without a publisherID are now deleted from the WAN status to resolve an issue where the finalizer did not exit successfully (#615)

  • Updated the cluster service version (CSV) file for multi-namespace and cluster-wide operator support (#599)

  • Added the option to create a namespace-scoped cluster role for the Hazelcast Platform Operator (#594)

  • Added support for the cluster-scoped operator to Helm chart (#589)

  • Added a new installation option for using the Hazelcast Platform Operator with namespace-scoped roles in Helm chart (#588)

  • The Webhook installation is now configurable in the Helm chart values field webhook.enabled (#586)

  • Added MTLS secret generation by namespace (#585)

  • Removed Security Context Constraints from permissions for the Hazelcast Platform Operator and Management Center. The Hazelcast Platform Operator no longer supports hostPath persistence in OpenShift environments (#581)

  • Added a connectivity check to the WAN replication CR (#541)

  • Changed podManagementPolicy to Parallel to improve cluster setup time (#539)

  • Improved support for the cluster-scoped operator in the phone home package and Kubebuilder roles (#521)

  • Updated the Hazelcast Go client to 1.4.0 (#663)

  • Updated the default agent version to 0.1.16 (#690)

  • Added the watched namespace to phone home data collection (#616)

Fixed Issues

  • Default WAN Replication is now available through the Hazelcast service on port 5710. If no serviceType is specified during configuration, the value is set to LoadBalancer (#706)

  • Added dynamic update functionality to Hazelcast container ports and removed infinite triggers (#692)

  • Fixed CreateOrUpdate function usage to prevent the accidental deletion of the Map CR (#686)

  • Made service ports and RBAC permissions updateable when upgrading the Hazelcast Platform Operator version (#676)

  • Added validation to the admission WebHook to limit the cluster size to 300 members (#558)