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Release notes

This release introduced bug fixes and improvements to existing features and UX.

New Features

  • Added the ability to configure SQL in the Hazelcast CR. (#831)

  • Added the ability to set arbitrary JVM options in the Management Center CR.(#801)


  • Updated the status of a failed JetJob associated with a Hazelcast cluster that is not in a running state. (#831)

  • Added webhook validation for WanReplication updates and standardized error messages to ensure consistency with other validation. (#803)

  • Changed the Management Center configuration format from XML to YAML. (#823)

  • Added IPv6 Support to connect members. (#964)

  • Removed replicaCount from the Helm chart. (#811)

Fixed Issues

  • Assigned a default value for pvc.requestStorage (for PVC configuration), and made pvc.accessMode required. (#837)

  • Hazelcast exposeExternally.discoveryServiceType is now limited to LoadBalancer or NodePort. (#829)

  • The bucket connection errors now are reflected to the Hazelcast Operator CRs.(#828)

  • Corrected a typo in the writeCoalescing property within the mapStore schema. (#821)

  • Fixed an issue where the subsequent WAN Replication CR was overwriting the previous batch publishers.(#814)