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5.8 Release notes

This release added support for the JetJob CR, JetJobSnapshot CR, custom configurations using ConfigMap, and serialization configuration for the Hazelcast CR. You can now deploy your code from URLs and submit the JetJob CR using an existing JAR file for running the Jet job. Additionally, we enhanced the TLS support.

New Features

  • Added the JetJob CR, which provided a way to submit a Jet job using an existing JAR file. (#687)

  • Added the ability to configure instance and edgeDefaults Jet configuration parameters in the Hazelcast CR. (#678)

  • Enabled persistence for jobs to provide Lossless Restart capability. (#730)

  • Added the ability to specify the HTTP URLs, where the Pipeline JARs are located, in the Hazelcast CR. (#726)

  • Added the JetJobSnapshot CR, which provides a way to export the snapshots of JetJob CRs. (#791)

  • Added support for custom configurations using ConfigMap via the customConfigCmName field in the Hazelcast CR. (#750)

  • Added support for serialization configuration for the Hazelcast CR. (#743)

  • EventJournal configuration section is now included in both the Map and Cache CRs. (#791)

  • Implemented the ability to deploy JARs and other files into members' CLASSPATH using URLs. (#699)


  • The field licenseKeySecret in the ManagementCenter CR has been renamed as licenseKeySecretName and the field secret in the HotBackup CR has been renamed as secretName. (#740)

  • The fields licenseKeySecret and secret in the Hazelcast CR have been renamed as licenseKeySecretName and secretName, respectively. (#735)

  • Added the Hazelcast CR name validation to conform to the DNS-1035 label. (#734)

  • Added support for Hazelcast mTLS client-server communication. You can now enforce the Hazelcast mutual authentication in TLS using the tls.mutualAuthentication property. (#722)

  • Added new field validations for the Management Center and Hazelcast CRs. (#709)

  • The separate secret for mTLS has been removed, enabling the utilization of a single secret to store all the required files for the operator and members. (#696)

  • Improved validation logic for multiple errors in the Webhooks and Reconciler. (#683)

Fixed Issues

  • Jet Job submission and UCD from client/CLC is now possible. (#794)

  • Fixed an error in the Map reconciler when nearCache is configured. (#786)

  • Added the spec.jet.bucketConfig.secretName validation. (#778)

  • Fixed a bug in Map config persistence caused by MapStore. (#776)

  • Added the ability to validate secretName of bucket configuration in the Hazelcast.Jet and JetJob CRs. (#772)

  • Added validation for NativeMemory.AllocatorType when Persistence is enabled. (#767)

  • NativeMemory can now only be used with Hazelcast Enterprise, providing enhanced security and performance. (#759)

  • TLS can now be used exclusively with Hazelcast Enterprise version. (#756)

  • Enforced validation to require a non-empty secretName for TLS configuration. (#755)

  • Fixed a bug that caused Java exceptions when creating a Cache CR with improper backupCount/asyncBackupCount values. (#754)

  • Added backupCount/asyncBackupCount validation in Queue creation to prevent Java exceptions. (#753)

  • Added backupCount/asyncBackupCount validation during MultiMap creation. (#752)

  • Added validation for the sum of backupCount and asyncBackupCount for the Map CR. (#749)

  • Fixed the TLS handshake error occurring after redeploying cluster with the same name. (#738)

  • Converted the Jet configuration fields with no default value to pointer. (#731)

  • Removed the TLS enterprise validation in Webhook. (#710)

  • Enhanced the JetJob CR state validation to exclusively perform validation when there is a state change in the JetJob CR. (#793)

  • Added secret validation of bucket configuration in the JetJob CR. (#787)

  • When the Hazelcast CR is deleted, its dependent JetJob CRs are now deleted as well. (#771)