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5.6 Release Notes

This release introduced the High Availability Mode configuration and custom resources (CRs) for Cache and Queue data structures. We also added persistence support for the Cache CR and introduced a new way to install the Hazelcast Platform Operator, using Helm.

New Features

  • Introduced High Availability Mode configuration to create clusters that are resilient to node and zone failures (#538)

  • Added support for the Queue CR (#428)

  • Added support for the Cache CR (#430)

  • Made persistence support for the Cache CR configurable (#474)

  • Replaced the autoForceStart option with startupAction. When applied, startupAction allows you to trigger Force Start or Partial Start (#511)

  • Introduced a new way to install the Hazelcast Platform Operator, using Helm


  • Added a connectivity check to the WAN Replication CR. When creating a WAN Replication CR, you can now check that the target cluster is reachable (#541)

  • Added persistence for WAN Replication configurations. WAN Replication configurations are now stored in the Hazelcast ConfigMap so that when member containers restart, replication continues (#513)

  • Added logic for recreating a Hazelcast client when the client is unable to access a cluster. When the client is unable to connect, the Hazelcast Platform Operator restarts it (#500)

  • Updated CR validation to use a webhook. The Hazelcast Platform Operator can now report issues with CRs before they are applied (#492)

  • Improved the approach for exposing API fields. Exposed API fields are now more consistent (#498)

  • Removed the h.Spec.Persistence.DataLoadTimeoutSec parameter (#512)

  • Split restore and restore_local commands (#471)

  • Updated the cluster activation logic to use the Go client (#466)

  • Added tilt-debug support for the remote debugging of local Kubernetes clusters (#528)

  • Added ClusterIDs to Phone Home data (#527)

  • Updated capabilities of Cluster Service Version (CSV) from Seamless Upgrades to Full Lifecycle. Both options now appear on the OCP OperatorHub dashboard (#476)

Fixed Issues

  • A HotBackup can now be created before the Hazelcast cluster is ready (#503)

  • Added webhook support for Operator Lifecycle Management (OLM) (#540)

  • Sets a Hazelcast resource message when attempting to restore a hot backup that does not exist (#514)

  • Multiple CRs for data structures can now be created and then stored correctly in the ConfigMap (#501)

  • Added a security context to all containers for hostPath permissions (#485)

  • Fixed the incorrect assignment of a variable in WanRep ConfigMap. After a restart, cluster members will now continue replicating map entries (#554)

  • Hazelcast member status no longer contains an empty pod name field (#456)