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Release Notes

This release introduces LDAP Security Provider support for Management Center CR.

New Features

  • Added LDAP Security Provider support for Management Center CR (#892)


  • Added the ability to configure Interfaces for ClientServer (#920)

  • The new hazelcastendpoint Custom Resource Definition (CRD) provides a better way to list the external addresses of your Hazelcast cluster (#860)

  • A hazelcast-resource column has been added to the additionalPrinterColumns for the wide output of CRDs referencing Hazelcast CR (#899)

  • Failed HotBackup upload to bucket now correctly handles partially uploaded files and tries to remove them (#885)

  • The v.Err function was moved to fieldValidator to remove duplication (#886)

  • Improved validations for HotBackup, WANReplication, JetJob, JetJobSnapshot, Map, Cache, and Topic (#877)(#876)(#875)(#874)(#873)(#872)(#871)(#859)

Fixed Issues

  • WAN Services are now deleted automatically when their corresponding Hazelcast resource is deleted (#862)

  • Skip validations on Management Center and Hazelcast deletion (#923)

  • Improved CronHotBackup controller behavior when deleting referenced backups (#903)

  • Fixed an error that occurred during Hazelcast cluster creation when an empty 'basedir' path was used for backup without '/' (#841)

  • Fixed the issue where SQL metadata persistence could change after being enabled (#883)

  • The name of a JetJobSnapshot is now taken through the SnapshotName() function (#870)

  • The misleading logs in the external address function have been removed (#897)

  • Fix HazelcastEndpoint discovery type issue in Management Center (#895)

  • Fixed the generation of compact serialization config (#865)