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5.5 Release Notes

In this release, we introduced custom resources (CRs) for Topic, Multimap, and Replicated Map data structures. We also added EntryListener support for the Map CR.

New features

  • Added support for the MultiMap CR (#367)

  • Added support for the Topic CR (#371)

  • Added support for the ReplicatedMap CR (#394)

  • Added support for the CronHotBackup CR (#362)

  • Added support for restores using the HotBackup resource name (#401)

  • Added configuration for the Jet engine to the Hazelcast CR (#457)

  • Added a Map Entry listener that is notified when a map entry is added, removed, updated, evicted, or expired (#408)

  • Add support for using WAN Replication with multiple resources (#363)

  • Added the ClearWanQueue function into the WanReplication finalizer executor to clean the WAN Replication queue after a CR deletion (#403)

  • Made the LOGGING_LEVEL configurable for Hazelcast containers (#352)


  • Moved scheduling of HotBackups from the HotBackup API to the CronHotBackup CR (#362)

  • Added a default value to the kind property in the WanReplication CR specification (#374)

  • Added a namespaced Role and RoleBinding that are created and passed to the namespaced service account of the Hazelcast cluster to grant secret access (#407)

  • Replaced the REST client with Go for triggering backups (#381)

  • Changed the default repository to Hazelcast Enterprise when the licenseKeySecret is present (#402)

  • Enabled TLS for the backup server sidecar (#350)

  • Added a retry for backup service calls (#434)

  • Added WanReplication to the API reference (#355)

  • Refactored the Multimap and Topic CR data structures and Hazelcast’s configMap creation (#393)

  • Upgraded Hazelcast and Management Center versions to 5.1.4

Fixed Issues

  • Fixes topic controller import (#387)

  • Errors are now handled correctly by the startBackup() function. Previously, no errors were returned (#445)

  • Removed the agent port from the Kubernetes discovery service, to resolve an issue where external IP addresses were not correctly allocated to members (#409)