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5.4 Release Notes

In this release, we introduced the User Code Deployment feature, which allows you to deploy custom and domain classes to Hazelcast members. We also introduced support for WAN replication.

New features

  • Added support for WAN replication (#226)

  • Added support for the EntryProcessor interface (#334)

  • Added supported for the MapStore/MapLoader interfaces (#291)

  • Added support for the Executor service (#300)


  • Enabled client-side code deployments (#340)

  • Enabled JAR file uploads using ConfigMaps (#304)

  • Enabled JAR file downloads into the Java classpath (PVC) (#244)

  • Enabled a reference to the Map resource so that the resource is updated with configuration changes for WAN replication (#216)

  • When a Hazelcast CR is marked for deletion, all dependent CRs are also deleted (#314)

  • Added support for stopping hot backups gracefully (#318)

  • Added configuration to skip checks of the Management Center lock file (#333)

  • Added Phone Home data collection as a separate process (#336)

  • Added Phone Home data collection for Map CR (#341), WAN replication (#342), user code deployment (#342), and backup and restore (#345)

Fixed Issues

  • The "Reconciler error" is no longer thrown at the beginning of the setup process for Hazelcast Platform. (#323)

  • Fixed the issue with hot backups where the status was set to successful before the upload of the external backup had completed (#242)

  • Fixed the issue for HotBackup with BucketURI, which incorrectly triggered a backup upload for the Local backup type (#261)

  • Fixed the timeout issue for long-running backup uploads in the platform-operator-agent (#288)

  • Fixed an error which occurred when enabling persistence without PVC (#339)

  • Fixed an operator issue which caused it to remain idle instead of picking up new CRs (#343)