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5.3 Release Notes

In this release, we introduced a custom Resource for Hazelcast maps as well as support for backing up map data to cloud storage.

New features

  • Added Map CR (#195)

  • Added support for resource limit and request for Hazelcast and MC CRs (#203)

  • Added agent support for external Backup and Restore (#191)


  • Added Hazelcast members detailed status (#171)

  • Added HotBackup status (#179)

  • Added periodic member list and status update (#180)

  • Added client connection message to Hazelcast CR status (#176)

  • Added restore status Hazelcast CR (#187)

  • Added HotBackup pending status (#205)

  • Implemented map persistence using Hazelcast ConfigMap (#204)

  • Defined restore agent config types (#196)

  • Introduced internal package (#215)

  • Refactored logger usage and removed unnecessary logging (#213)

  • Use different logger options for local and production environments (#214)

  • Set HotBackup to failed when Hazelcast CR does not exist (#222)

  • Made resources and scheduling fields updatable for Hazelcast and MC CRs (#227)

  • Improved client to cluster connection check (#209)

  • Added GS and Azure support for backup and restore (#230)

  • Upgraded Hazelcast and MC versions to 5.1.2 and 5.1.3 (#241)

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed the problem where the LoadBalancer hostname is present but not resolvable by the clients. Wait for DNS to resolve AWS ELB hostnames (#169)

  • Fixed wrong duration unit usage in client connectionStrategy, use correct seconds (#174)

  • Set HotBackup status to the failure when HotBackup fails (#198)

  • Fixed evictionPolicy field name (#210)

  • Fixed the issue that caused scheduled backups to continue even after the scheduled field was removed from the HotBackup custom resource. (#218)